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A safer and stable Europe for all its citizens

Esteban Gonzalez-Pons

Over the last year, the EPP Group has promoted several initiatives aimed at better protecting all Europeans. Our MEPs played an important role to reach an agreement in the European Parliament on the Passenger Name Record (PNR) system, a key instrument to prevent and combat all kind of crimes, and in particular jihadist terrorism, by tracking the activities of European nationals who are recruited and trained outside the EU and could return to carry out terrorist attacks.

The EPP Group also promoted the approval of an updated Regulation for Europol which will allow it to better exchange information with European police forces and judicial national bodies, as well as with private entities, in order to fight against a large range of criminal activities, including terrorism or the trafficking of human beings.

During 2015, one of the main challenges for the EU, and one of the main concerns for our Group, was the migratory crisis. The EPP Group supported the European Commission’s proposals to deal with the refugee crisis in the most efficient way. Our Group also backed the initiative of creating a coast guard agency to protect the EU’s external borders – a key issue, taking into account the free movement of people within the area Schengen – and also supported measures such as creating ‘hot spots’ in order to properly respond to the needs of the refugees who arrive to Europe.

The final goal of all this legislative work by the EPP Group was to contribute to the creation of a safer and stable Europe for all its citizens.

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