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Ensuring a basis for growth

Esther de Lange

strong and competitive economy that delivers on growth and jobs is and has always been one of the EPP Group’s main priorities. Europe has weathered the worst of storms with the economic crisis and is now slowly but steadily recovering. The crisis showed the need for stability in the Eurozone, for structural reforms to keep our economies in shape and for a sense of urgency and responsibility. After all, fiscal problems and unsustainable levels of debt in one Member State do not only affect citizens of that country, but the entire Eurozone and the EU as a whole. Being a part of the Eurozone brings advantages, but also requires solidarity in times of crisis and rightly demands that Member States assume their responsibilities.

A child knows you need to earn a euro before you can spend it. In good times, and in bad times, the EPP Group has taken the lead in responsible economic policy-making. Not because we are obsessed by numbers and percentages. But because we do not want to burden the next generation with unsustainable levels of debt that are impossible to manage and repay. The EPP Group has been the driving force behind legislation improving the sustainability of the Eurozone economy, such as the six-pack, two-pack and fiscal compact. We are proud of these achievements and continue to work hard for a fair, competitive and sustainable economy.

We will continue to take responsibility for the present and for the future of our children and grandchildren.

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