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EU Passenger Name Record – effective tool to fight terrorism

Axel Voss

Would you do everything to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and protected?

This is what we want to do.

During these turbulent times, terrorism is the biggest threat to citizens’ security. The number of radicalised EU citizens returning to Europe after fighting alongside terrorist organisations is alarming.

The EU Passenger Name Record Directive (PNR) is one of the effective measures to fight terrorism and crime. It means collecting the information that passengers give when booking tickets and checking-in on flights. The info gathered includes travel dates and itinerary, ticket information, the travel agent through whom the flight was booked, the method of payment, seat number and baggage information.  All this information stocked in the European PNR system is an important tool to prevent terrorist attacks.

Some EU Member States are already using PNR information to fight terrorism, now the aim is to regulate the use of PNR data at EU level. Sharing air passenger data with security services and law enforcement authorities would help track down terrorists.

The EPP Group has played a key role in negotiating the PNR file in the European Parliament. Axel Voss, the EPP Group’s negotiator on the dossier, is convinced that this good piece of EU law will help prevent further terrorist attacks and therefore make our citizens’ lives safer. “It is our responsibility to implement laws and to take action which can prevent terrorist attacks such as the one in Paris on 13 November. We owe this EU PNR Directive to the victims of the French terrorist attacks!”

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