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Protecting farm incomes, securing our food supply

Mairead McGuinness

Young farmers are the future of European agriculture and our food supply. We are committed to supporting farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price for their produce.

Farmers are often at the mercy of stronger links in the food supply chain, including major retailers, which have all the negotiating power in the food supply chain. That concentration of power can drive down prices paid to producers, sometimes to unsustainable levels. Unfair Trading Practices (UTPs) have a detrimental impact on farm incomes – incomes that support farming families and all rural families and communities across Europe.

We support all efforts to stamp out unfair practices and want to see a fair balance of power between all stakeholders in the food supply chain.

While existing voluntary measures in place to combat UTPs are welcome, we are concerned that because they are voluntary, they lack sufficient deterrents for non-compliance.

We are working with the European Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development, Phil Hogan, on this issue and will continue to press the Commission to tackle UTPs and create a more transparent, fairer and sustainable food supply chain which will benefit not only farmers, but consumers too.

EU Agricultural Policy – Our land, our food, our future.

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