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We are already living the digital revolution

Eva_Paunova_B&W_articleWorking for the benefit of citizens and businesses has always been the EPP Group’s driving philosophy and nothing makes a stronger case for that than our efforts towards the completion of the EU’s Digital Single Market (DSM). This key project would add an estimated €500 billion to the European economy and provide a substantial boost to job creation. We are proud to have laid the groundwork for the timely and successful implementation of the European Commission’s DSM Strategy.

Getting rid of roaming charges and being the first region in the world to explicitly safeguard net neutrality, Europe is making real progress towards erasing borderlines in the digital world. As the EPP Group’s Rapporteur in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, I oversaw the adoption of e-governance programmes (such as ISA2) across the EU and spoke for a balanced approach towards digital copyright that takes into account the interests of all stakeholders and fosters Europe’s cultural diversity.

What we should all work towards now is introducing the potential benefits and opportunities of the DSM to businesses and individuals alike, as well as supporting them in acquiring the skills that the new labour market will prioritise. We are already living the digital revolution – it is no longer enough to play catch up, we need to lead, to be faster and smarter in order to remain competitive and shape our own future. The EPP Group will press on with its efforts to craft a modern data protection framework for Europe, to uphold the rights of all digital consumers and introduce policies that support entrepreneurship and innovation.

We need a digital Europe.

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