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We want a true energy union

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

The EU’s goal is to provide EU consumers – households and citizens – with secure, competitive, affordable and sustainable energy. We want to offer the viable delivery of energy to European citizens and companies.

Monopolies often lead to abuse and blackmail. The Russian invasion in Ukraine proved that we can no longer rely on a single supplier, notably Russia, and that in order to meet the needs of citizens, energy supplies to Europe cannot be influenced by external crises or the unilateral will of the energy providers.

We need to guarantee the reduction of excessive energy dependency and diversification of suppliers, sources and routes. The enforcement of the third energy package rules with regard to the South Stream pipeline was a first step on the path towards reducing the EU’s energy dependence. Exactly the same symmetrical approach should be applied to the Nord Stream. The recent inauguration of the interconnections between Poland, Lithuania and Sweden ensured the flow of electricity from Western Europe to the Baltic countries for the first time. The electricity interconnector between Malta and Italy put an end to Maltese isolation. Launched in 2014, the LNG terminal in Klaipeda ended the total gas dependency of Lithuania, whereas the LNG terminal in Poland, inaugurated in autumn 2015, will satisfy around 50% of Poland’s annual gas demands. 

Real common external energy policy should permit us to speak to our partners with a single voice and to act jointly, aiming at a common European negotiating position. It should go hand-in-hand with the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. Further progress is needed to ensure the security of our energy supply, to decrease our dependence on Russian energy imports and to increase the EU’s resilience to external geopolitical pressures and blackmail.

We want Europe to be connected; we want a true energy union.

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