Issues we believe in

A strong economy and good jobs

We want a strong European economy that can enable a high standard of living for the citizens of Europe. We understand that our economies can only grow if there is global demand for our products. To achieve this, we will continue to invest in innovation, research and development, to support entrepreneurs and SMEs in transforming their ideas into reality.

We will continue to reform our economies, so they remain competitive and attractive for investors. We believe the trust of investors is essential for a well-functioning economy.

This is essential for sustainable economic growth and for high-quality jobs. We believe in the European Single Market – the EU is the biggest economy of the world and a source of opportunity for citizens and companies. We want solid banks in Europe, which fulfill their primary role: to provide credits to companies and individuals.

We want to end past excesses in the banking sector through necessary regulation. We also advocate for reducing bureaucracy and cutting red tape in Europe; especially individual, family businesses and SMEs shall have a smaller burden in their day-to-day activities.

Free movement and security for our citizens

We are in favour of free movement of people in Europe. We believe free movement is one of the greatest achievements of European integration, one from which the people benefit most.

We will safeguard that the people of Europe can travel, work and live freely in any other European Member State and enjoy the same rights and benefits as in their home country. We are also committed to tackling any form of social abuse or fraud generated by this right.

We will strengthen the controls at EU external borders to assure security for our citizens inside the EU and the Schengen area. For this, we will make use of all the tools at our disposal to strengthen the EU’s security infrastructure and promote active cooperation of relevant authorities in EU Member States. Having organised borders is essential for security, for the functioning of our Schengen Zone and to ensure that those truly in need of protection are granted it.

We also value the privacy of people as a fundamental right and will make all efforts to protecting personal data of European citizens.

A strong Europe on the global scene

We believe Europe can only retain its role on the global scene if it acts united and speaks with one voice. We want a coherent foreign policy of the European Union which strengthens the close relations that we are having with our key allies, and attaches adequate importance to new, emerging powers.

We see the transatlantic relationship with the United States as a key element of the security and well-being of European citizens. We will expand this relationship by a free-trade are between Europe and the US. But we want the particularities of the European economy and the high standards that we have in Europe to be safeguarded. We believe mutual trust is needed for a fruitful transatlantic relationship.

We want the EU to be surrounded by prosper and secure countries. We see the development of our neighbouring countries as a key element for the prosperity and security of citizens within the EU. Those countries who are ready to join the EU, shall do so, if and only if they have fulfilled all required criteria for EU Membership.

We are laying particular emphasis on the rule of law in these countries. Likewise, the EU’s capacity to act effectively shall also be safeguarded.