Andrej Plenković

I’m Andrej Plenković, MEP from Zagreb, Croatia.  My credibility on Europe stems from more than 20 years of dedicated engagement on Croatia’s accession to the EU. In the context of the turbulent political and economic transition of my country, I strongly believed that the Croatian society can prosper only if it adopts the European values of freedom, democracy, rule of law and the social market economy.

Therefore I started to work on this agenda already as a law student NGO activist. Continued as a diplomat in Brussels and Paris. Pursued as the state secretary for European affairs especially in securing positive referendum on EU membership. Confirmed as the national MP and currently as an MEP take part in shaping EU laws and policies. The priorities of my work are centered towards enhancing the economic and social benefits of the European project to our citizens as well as promoting the European idea and solidarity to our neighbours.