Heinz K. Becker

I am Heinz K. Becker, MEP from Austria since 2011. I worked in advertising and marketing for almost 35 years. I started my political life in 2001 as Secretary General of the Austrian Seniors’ Federation. In the European Parliament I co-chair a Parliamentary Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity. Justice for all generations is one of the main issues I fight for in my work on employment and social affairs. In my work on civil liberties, justice and home affairs I agitate for sustainable solutions to gain control over the migration process, for example by protecting the external borders of the EU.
In my work on petitions, the most important thing for me is to work closely with European citizens when helping them with their individual demands and with problems regarding national or European administrational procedures. Furthermore I am actively engaged as Vice-Chair of a group against anti-semitism and want everybody to understand that the EU is not only the most successful peace project and the largest economy in the world, but that there is no alternative to the European Union for securing the future of our children and grandchildren. This is our responsibility.