Ludĕk Niedermayer

My name is Luděk Niedermayer. I was born on 13 March 1966 in Brno, Czech Republic. I graduated from Masaryk University in theoretical cybernetics, mathematical informatics, and systems theory. In 1991, I joined the Czech National Bank, where I took part in a training programme aimed at the financial markets. After five years, I became the youngest member of the board of the Czech National Bank.

In December 2000, I was appointed Vice-Governor and stayed on in that function until 2002. I participated in the analysis of the Czech National Bank’s monetary policy and in changing it. Currently, I am active in working groups in the IMF and the IBRD.

After leaving the Czech National Bank, I started to work in the private sector, becoming a Director in Deloitte Czech Republic (2008 – 2014). I also received a Gold Medal for merit in the financial sector from Masaryk University in 2009.