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The people this website showcases – ordinary people, and people you know – have greater power working together as a collective community of individuals, and this is why EPP invites individuals to tell us here what they believe in, and what they believe needs to change. Every person in Europe contributes to the whole community, on a small or grand level. Every story, be it from you or your MEP, addresses EU policies on issues we collectively care about. The EPP believes strongly in the power of the individual to improve their life through their own actions, while having the freedom to design their own destiny. People and their own initiative are empowered by the EPP and the policy choices we make, based on your input.

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Here we feature stories about the people you know, your MEPs. We share stories about their lives, their hobbies, their families, their dreams ...

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Each week we feature true stories from people we believe in. A theme every week, a story every day. Tell us yours by using #believeinpeople.