EPP stories

Every politician in the EPP family represents a community, and your Member of the European Parliament, MEP, comes from your local community. They represent you in Europe because they know what your concerns are. You can be sure that they know how the life in your community is and they ’ve experienced many of the same things you’ve been through – whether it’s looking for a job, starting their own business, trying different career paths, relocating for work – just like so many Europeans these days. Talk to your MEP and to those who aim at becoming one. They’re there to help you. They’ve had ups and downs like you, they’ve come through difficult times just like you.

Here they share some of their surprising stories and backgrounds, in their personal and professional lives. The EPP is made up of political leaders who have been farmers, pilots, teachers, entrepreneurs, foodies, and translators, lawyers, assistants, shopkeepers and so on. We hope this will provide you with a better idea on why they’re working on the issues they care about, to find solutions to issues that you care about. Get to know them better here and feel free to get in touch with them too.

EU Passenger Name Record – effective tool to fight terrorism

Would you do everything to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and protected? This is what we want to do. During these turbulent times, terrorism is the biggest threat to citizens’ security. The number of radicalised EU citizens returning to Europe after fighting alongside terrorist organisations is … Read more

Trade agreement between the EU and Canada

Maple syrup for all! After 6 years of negotiations, the successful results of the EU-Canada trade talks are now ready for the European Parliament and the Member States’ approval. The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the biggest trade agreement ever sealed by the EU, will increase trade in goods … Read more

Refugee crisis is a European problem that requires European solution

The refugee crisis is a European problem which can only be solved through European solutions. The Group of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament has been at the front line calling for a realistic, responsible and common European response to the current refugee crisis. Not every migrant that comes to Europe … Read more

Protecting farm incomes, securing our food supply

Young farmers are the future of European agriculture and our food supply. We are committed to supporting farmers by ensuring they receive a fair price for their produce. Farmers are often at the mercy of stronger links in the food supply chain, including major retailers, which have all the negotiating power in the … Read more