Your stories

We believe people, not institutions, are the power of Europe. We’ve asked ordinary people like you to tell us their views. People from across the European continent tell us in their own words, what they think is important, what they believe in, what the EU should be doing to help them succeed, or how a policy originating from the European Union has helped them get on in life. They’re also telling us straightforwardly on what the EU should improve, that would help people more.

Here you’ll find some amazing, personal, and diverse, stories – from students who are grateful for the experience of Erasmus, to entrepreneurs who are supported by programmes that help their small businesses. The EPP is keen to hear how an EU initiative has helped you, or how you would like us to better help in a certain area. Because EPP believes in people, we’d love to hear your story. Tell us yours using the #believeinpeople hashtag.

Adela’s #MyErasmus story

My name is Adela-Roxana Badea, I am 24 years old and I come from Romania. At present I am pursuing a Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Bucharest. Becoming an Erasmus student As a Bachelor student, I was highly motivated to learn and perform to the best … Read more

EU funding: bridging the gap between academia and society

We believe that investing in education and research is essential, not only to enhance knowledge, but also to create jobs and achieve sustainable growth and competitiveness. We believe in young researchers who are bridging the gap between academia and society by using available funds to implement innovative projects and to … Read more

Giving entrepreneurs a second chance

We believe in entrepreneurship and the will to overcome all obstacles to successfully realise one’s projects. We believe in the courage of men and women who have decided to innovate and create their own businesses to make their dreams come true while creating jobs. Charles-Albert Gueury is one of them. … Read more